Dimensional founder David Booth's tips for Kiwi investors.


David Booth is co-founder of Dimensional Fund Advisers, with which The Private Office invests most of its clients' funds. He's a leading USA-based Asset Class Investment Manager responsible for almost US$400billion (NZ$600B) of assets and was recently here in NZ. Like me, David Booth was an MBA alumnus of The University of Chicago Business School, now called Chicago Booth thanks to his generous donation to the school.

He has some very timely advice, backing up what I have been telling my clients since day one:
·         “You ought to be well diversified”,
·         “Invest in low cost strategies”, and
·         “Don’t take more risk than you can tolerate”.
Read Richard Meadows' article about David Booth and watch his video interview by clicking the link.

More information about Dimensional Fund Advisers can be found here: