Who we help

We work with successful individuals and families at different stages in their lives.

You may be on the road to building your wealth and achieving financial independence or you may already be financially independent and need someone to take care of your wealth. Our goal is to make sure your money lasts the distance and helps you achieve everything that is important to you and your family. We are also passionate about helping young people save for the future.



Laetitia’s primary focus is helping successful lawyers manage their wealth.

LAETITIA also specialises in working with immigrants, who have been successful in their home countries, as they settle into New Zealand. Laetitia was previously the Honorary Consul of Belgium in Auckland. In 2014, Laetitia interviewed 61 lawyers and published a book, “Legal Tender”  about lawyers’ attitudes and behaviours towards money. 

Laetitia delved into the psychological effects of money and the impact of stress and financial worries, as well as the importance of personal resilience and creating a legacy worthy of a life well lived. Find out more about Legal Tender


Nick’s primary focus is advising people with sudden, often unexpected wealth.

NICK helps them adapt, plan and preserve their capital. The wealth may be the result of an inheritance, loss of a life partner, divorce, lotto win, sale of a business, insurance payout or a rise to fame in the sports or entertainment areas. Nick’s empathy with clients and his experience as a leading adviser in the UK make him uniquely qualified for this role. He has a particular skill in building long term trusted relationships with clients based on understanding their holistic planning needs. 


Patrick’s primary focus is to help clients stay disciplined to achieve their financial goals.

PATRICK has spent over a decade in the asset management industry consulting with financial advisory firms, helping them to adopt best practice. Patrick brings his global experience back to New Zealand with the core ambition to help investors understand evidence based investing and make smart decisions with their money. In his experience, the difference between investing and speculating is not well understood and can lead to poor decision making.  Patrick enjoys communicating to investors the principles of successful investing and how to avoid being an “average” investor.  Understanding how the capital markets work is the first step and cutting out the “noise” is the next.