How does The Private Office help its clients?

Legal professionals and their money personalities


Learn about our wealth management formula


Think of us as your personal CFO and you as the CEO in the driving seat.


Initial Meeting

Our first meeting is all about getting to know you. We need to build a thorough picture of who you are, where you are financially and what you want in life, and why.



After this initial meeting, together we’ll gather all the information we need to produce a financial snap shot; a picture of your current assets and liabilities and goals.



If you’ve ever competed a SWOT analysis before, the next step will sound familiar. We compare what you want with what you have, analyse your situation to identify the possibilities and opportunities as well as possible bumps in the road ahead.


Road Map

From this analysis we will develop a road map. We will discuss this with you at our next meeting and fine tune it with you.


The Journey

Next, we set out on our financial journey together. We have the road map and we keep checking in with your progress on a regular basis. Always refining, updating and reworking to incorporate everything that life tends to bring our way.